Chris Mena

high-end recycled fashion brand based in New York. The brand consists of recycled garments that are all deconstructed using a traditional cut & sew method. The mastermind behind the brand is Chris Mena. Mena is a master of destruction and reconstruction. He is the pioneer in the luxury recycling industry. Mena uses patchwork as well as a completely deconstructed look with all his garments. Having made his first debut in New York Fashion Week, he immediately caught attention of many different outlets, including HighSnobiety, and later made an appearance on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). With support from many different private clientele, Mena has been able to bring his brand to life, by creating custom garments worn by models and influencers around the globe.
From The Street is one of Mena’s original 3 collections, which he has been passively working on since 2018. Using clothing found throughout the streets of New York City, Mena recycles them, cleans them, and re-fabricates them into fully custom wear. Mena’s works can currently be found in Mikel Hunter.

a series

The labels are created as a continuous series, it started as x/25, x/50 and now x/100. As the brand grows the label series are increased in size. Each garment is numbered, archived, and tagged using NFC technology.