Burlap Infused Leather Jean Jacket

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The Burlap Leather Jean Jacket is made from recycled materials sustainable sourced, cut and sewn with burlap coffee bags sourced locally from coffee shops around New York City. The leather is cut from recycled leather scraps, the denim is sourced from vintage or deadstock goods, and the camo is recycled from our previous M65 jacket series.

These jackets are part of the LABEL-005 series, labeled as No. 5 Implanted with a NFC Phone Tap chip below the main label.

depending on the style we can work with you to bring you a product that fits your size. please contact us below

our garments are made from pre-exsisting clothing, we do our best to bring you a product that is clean and stain free. If you have any issues please feel free to contact us.

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